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New York City Professional Organizers Gear Up for GO Month

January is Get Organized (GO) Month. Did you know…

  • Becoming more organized can help save time and money, increase productivity, enhance one’s quality of life, and reduce stress.
  • In its most recent survey, the National Association of Professional Organizers found that 96% of respondents felt that they could save at least some time each day if they were more organized at home.
  • 91% felt they could be more efficient at work if they were better organized.
  • 71% indicated their quality of life would improve with more organization.

Who couldn’t use more time and money? Who wouldn’t enjoy greater productivity and less stress? Now is the time to get started with or without the help of a New York City professional organizer – and there’s an entire month dedicated to identifying organizing solutions that will help you with eliminating clutter so that you can live your life more efficiently, freeing time to do the things you enjoy most.

Mark Twain said, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex, overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.” Excellent advice and this New York City professional organizer agrees.

Identify where you want to begin. What area – better organized – will have the greatest impact on your day-to-day life? Maybe your office is a mess, with papers stacked everywhere and nothing where you need it when you need it. Start by breaking the room down into smaller areas: a file cabinet, your desk top, a bookshelf. Tackle one area at a time, and don’t move on until you’re satisfied with your efforts. Eliminating clutter and piles of paper, purging your files, organizing the “junk drawer” in your desk all will make it easier for you to work more efficiently. Working with a New York City professional organizer with expertise in business organizing solutions can help you to get started and begin to establish habits that will increase your productivity.

Would a more organized closet help you to start your day with less stress because you can find everything quickly? Closet organization doesn’t mean you have to invest in an expensive make-over after you are done eliminating the clutter. Simple steps like clearing out old, unused items, utilizing storage totes for accessories and maximizing often-overlooked storage space, such as the back of the door, help with organizing your closet and contribute to making a big impact.

“Get Organized” can at first seem like a lofty goal, but simply getting started – with one room, one cabinet, one drawer – is the important first step in what New York City professional organizer, The Organizing Zone calls “Transforming Combat Zones into Comfort Zones” and improving your quality of life.

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