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NYC Professional Organizer Offers 5 Proven Time Management Strategies

NYC Professional Organizer Time Management TipsNo matter how many emails are in your inbox, tasks on your to do list, and phone calls you have coming in, there are only 24 hours in each day. We have no way of extending time to fit in all that we need to accomplish, but we do have the ability improve our time management in order to fit it all in. Our NYC Professional Organizer has identified and developed five strategies to maximize your productivity and work smarter, not harder.

  1. Schedule, Schedule, Schedule: If you’ve made room for an item on your do to list, make room for it in your schedule too. This rule applies to both business and personal activities, so be sure to take note of when you’ll hit the gym, spend time with your family, pick up prescriptions and so on, as well as when you will work on that big project at the office.
  2. Let it Ring: Get out of the habit of answering the phone simply because it is ringing. Don’t feel obligated to answer emails the second they hit your inbox. Our Professional Organizer in NYC recommends setting aside a specified time to return phone calls and answer emails and then sticking to that schedule in order to maximize your productivity and minimize distractions while you work on other tasks.
  3. Keep Systems in Check: Looking for a file among the hundreds on your desk or email in your overflowing inbox wastes precious time. Maintaining organized filing, email, client contact, and general storage systems allows you to eliminate time spent searching for files, client phone numbers, extra thumb tacks and more.
  4. Optimize Waiting Time: Time spend waiting is often wasted as well. Whether you’re at the airport waiting to board a plane or sitting in the board room before your next meeting adjourns, those few extra minutes can be spend reviewing your schedule, returning quick emails, reading industry news, and so on.
  5. Group Like with Like: Just as our Professional Organizer in NYC advises clients to group like items with other like items when creating organizing systems, she also recommends grouping similar tasks together when you’re creating your schedule. For instance, answer all incoming Start implementing these time management tips from our NYC Professional Organizer and watch the hands of the clock turn back, returning valuable minutes back to your day!

Implement these time management tips and feel the hands of time tick backwards as you clear out your schedule. Also, be sure to continue checking our blog all month long to learn about the additional time management tricks our NYC Professional Organizer has up her sleeve.

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