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NYC Professional Organizer Sheds Light on Office Lighting

4.-TRACKThere should be lighting solutions that both create comfort and help to focus the mind on the task at hand. It is amazing how powerful light is as a force, when it is skillfully threaded through an environment.

Now, we could all purchase Klieg lights and drench every inch of our work space in the glare of a Moroccan market at mid-day, but our NYC Professional Organizer knows most of us don’t want, or need, anything of the kind. 

No, the best lighting solutions are a combination of ambient light, from recessed ceiling fixtures or other overhead sources, with smaller, more personal fixtures.

Lighting designers can of course be hired to help achieve any given vision, but for those of us working on a budget, and wishing to improve the lighting situation today, our NYC Professional Organizer offers simpler solutions.

LED Rules

The light that you introduce to the office environment should both make seeing and communicating easy. It should not be harsh – that’s why we don’t do Klieg lights. It should, quietly, draw attention to itself. Light that looks like light is a nice thing.

For all the requirements of a modern office, LED lighting solutions are generally going to work the best. LED lighting fixtures are:

Energy efficient




LED desk lamps and standing lamps, well chosen and carefully shopped for, can change up the work environment in a hurry. As a NYC Professional Organizer, I favor supplementing ceiling fixtures with desk or standing lamps as needed for each office worker. With the efficiency born of LED technology, this is not excessive, in my experience. And the lamps don’t always have to be illuminated. On

certain days, it will be clear that possibly more than one lamp is needed. On others, you may be able to get away with only one – or, if you’re lucky – neither! 

It is the right balance of light and dark that creates the warmest and most inviting office environments. May you have fun improving the light in your office. Your employees, partners, and clients will thank you for it, and if you’re careful with those LED choices, you will save your business money in the long run! That’s an office organizing tip that you can take to the bank! 

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