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Office Organizing Ideas for an Orderly Desk

screen-shot-2012-10-25-at-3-20-23-pmOrganizing desk interiors with separators and other solutions so that desks don’t become like overstuffed closets.

When we were little, most of us were afraid of the closet particularly at night. Sure, scientists hadn’t yet found evidence of any mysterious beings. We knew that much, but that didn’t change the reality, that he seemed to be in there sometimes, and who wanted to take chances? 

Well, as a professional organizer in NYC, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen clients who feel similarly about their desks. 

They used to go in there, without fear and trepidation, but that was 7 pairs of scissors, 12 packs of gum, 532 paper clips, 46 differently sized pieces of paper, 21 unalphabetized file folders in a stack, 14 used batteries, $3.81 cents in loose change, and a couple of electric adapters ago. 

All of which become in their own way a current day force turning what is supposed to be a citadel of efficiency, our desk, into something straight out of a bad dream.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Indeed, one of the most important tasks during my 8-Hour Miracle and other office services is to make sense of my clients’ desk. Desks influence how we feel about ourselves and they can be a springboard to productivity…. or not. They’re that powerful! 

When it comes to making your desk work for you, rather than against you, there are many great office organizing ideas to share for your desktop and drawers. For the desktop I suggest:

A desk organizer – there are a lot of great ones to choose from (including some great new bamboo choices), ranging from glorified in-and-out boxes to multi-tiered wonders that are both attractive and efficient

An office supply caddy to keep those pencils, pens, post-its, paper

clips handy, visible, and in one place

A small file stand – for those crucial items that are part of your here-and-now work life

For the drawers that were cluttered, I suggest: 

A deep director tray – there are plenty of good choices, all of them good for supplies of paper clips, post-its, glue sticks, pens, and the like

A file separator – if you don’t have a lot of files and need an alternative to hanging file folders

At least one or two single-compartment drawer organizers – these can be reasonable short-term solutions for keys, mobile phones, even jewelry

The overriding principle in desk organization is: a place for everything and everything in its place. And by far the best of my office organizing ideas is to empty your desk completely, and only put the things back on or in it that you absolutely need. 

Believe this professional organizer in NYC: You’ll be amazed how much doesn’t belong anywhere near your desk! Some can be recycled, some should be somewhere else in your life, and a lot will have to go in that circular filing can next to your desk. You know the one! 

Again, it is my pleasure, and my business, to assist with desk organizing. Let me know when and how I can get your desk, office, and life better organized. It’s what I do!

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