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Organize Your Office Supplies Closet

Organizing NYC Office Supplies ClosetLike an organized closet at home can help us get out the door on time, an organized office supplies closet ensures that everyone can work more efficiently. Professional office organizers in NYC suggest following the steps detailed in this blog. Regardless of the size of your NYC office supplies closet, keeping the office supplies organized makes it easy for employees to find what they need quickly, and for the office manager (or whomever manages supplies) to know when pens, paperclips, Post-It Notes and more need to be restocked.

Start by knowing what you need. This is a critical first step and the place where professional office organizers in NYC start. Create a list of the frequently needed office supplies in your NYC office. Include paper, pens, staples, file folders, and any items already in your closet – if they are used. Ask employees what office supplies they typically use at their desks, as well as on projects and while traveling. Keep a copy of your master list so that restocking supplies can be as simple as running through your list to place an order or to take with you when you shop. Update your list as needed to add new items and remove those that aren’t being used any longer.

Clear out and clean out. If space permits, empty the office supplies closet of everything in it and take inventory. Discard or donate items that you no longer use. Clear space so that all items are in clear view and easily accessible when organizing your office supplies.

Use bins, baskets and clear containers to group small objects such as paper clips, binder clips and push pins. Using containers of similar size and shape will ensure that they fit well on shelves and minimize wasted space. Professional office organizers utilize vertical space to make the most of your NYC office supplies closet. An over-the-door pocket organizer is another great way to store small items, tape, scissors, markers and more.

Consider where items are used in relation to where you store them. Storing paper near your copier and printer may make more sense than taking up storage closet space with it. Cleaning supplies can be stored under a break room or restroom sink.

Keeping stock. As you organize your NYC closet, order or purchase any office supplies you need. Establish a system for keeping track of what you need to replenish and when. A list or clipboard in the closet allows office staff to write down needed items. Schedule time on your calendar to shop for or order supplies so that you can stay ahead of empty shelves.

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