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Organizing a NYC Office Move (Part 2)

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The complex organizing challenges of a recent office move in NYC put The Organzing Zone’s professional moving organizer’s skills to the test. Working in a short, four-month time frame, we helped a business owner with every aspect of the relocating her growing business from her home to 4000 square feet of newly-renovated NYC office space.





organize nyc office moveOne of the complexities of the move was coordinating the delivery of all of the necessary office furnishings so that they arrived on moving day. This was no small feat, given that some of the furniture was in the client’s existing temporary office, some was in storage and more had to be purchased from half a dozen vendors. The Organizing Zone worked with the moving companies and interior designer to ensure that all of the furniture was purchased, delivered and assembled to create a productive and efficient work space for the client’s growing business.

To read more about how we organized this office move, check out our January newsletter.

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