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Organizing Containers: 5 Storage Container Mistakes

When you set a goal to be more organized, it’s easy to get carried away by all of the beautiful, functional organizing containers available to store your stuff. There are so many types of organizing containers available, there’s even an entire store named for them! But common storage container mistakes can result in unnecessary expenses and end up contributing to your clutter problems rather than solving them.

Storage Container Mistake #1 –Storage Containers = Organization

Organization is more than simply having bins and totes to contain clutter and store items. While products can be a part of your organizing solution, you need to identify the right organizing containers for your needs and use them consistently in order for them to have a positive, lasting effect. Take time to assess your needs, set specific goals for organizing and articulate the steps you need to follow to be successful. A pretty basket just isn’t enough.

Storage Container Mistake #2 – Buying Organizing Containers Before You Know What You Need

It happens all the time. You’re shopping, you spot a great deal on storage products or something that will great in your kitchen and you stock up. If the products are not part of your overall organizing strategy, they’ll simply become more clutter in your home. Before you buy anything, get your project started and determine exactly the products you need to store and sort the items you need to organize. Sort them into categories so that you know how many storage containers are required. Measure the space you have available so that when you do shop, you know exactly what size and shape containers will fit your closet, cabinets, shelves, etc. It’s also good idea when you’re shopping to buy storage containers of the same size and from the same manufacturer so that they’ll stack neatly, saving space.

Storage Container Mistake #3 – Overlooking Storage Space

You probably have more storage space than you think. Think outside the box and consider the backs of closet doors, inside cabinet doors, dead space between shelves and under beds. Products that expand shelves give you more horizontal space, while shallow racks hung beneath shelves allow items to fill often unused space between shelves. Racks, hanging storage products and shallow shelves can be fitted inside closet or cabinet doors. Under-bed storage can include bins or roll-out baskets, depending on your space and what you need to store.

Storage Container Mistake #4 – Using Storage Containers that Hide Your Stuff

Have you ever tried to find your holiday decorations while staring at a stack of gray, lidded storage containers?  Clear containers, or at least those with clear lids, make it easy to identify items inside. If you do use opaque containers, be sure to label them so that you can find what you need quickly. There are some cases where decorative, non-see-through containers may make sense; for example, on a bookshelf in your living room. In these cases, use open containers so that you can easily identify and retrieve the contents.

Storage Container Mistake #5 – Overfilling

When storage containers are packed too full, it’s difficult to find anything without removing nearly every item, which is a waste of time. Once you’ve identified the items you need to store, select the size and quantity of storage containers that you need to comfortably them. Sort and store the items together – sweaters in one container, boots in another. Give items some breathing room, and leave some space to accommodate new additions.

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