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Office Organizing Ideas for a Doctor’s Office – Maximizing Space

Organizing paperwork filingNow that the dozens and dozens of boxes have been picked up by the shredding company and all of the trash bags have been removed, it’s amazing how much space there is for the 20+ file cabinets and assorted items that need to be stored in this one room.  This part of the project is like a puzzle…I need to keep moving the pieces around, trying out different office organizing ideas, until they fit perfectly.  In this case, I need to make sure that the space is being utilized effectively and that there is enough room to open all of the drawers.  In creating my space management plan, I have made sure to leave space for the drawers to be opened – one of the crucial office organizing ideas that is overlooked more often than you may think.  I have carefully measured all of the cabinets as well as the available space in order to minimize the amount of time that it will take to move all of this furniture.  In addition, I have to determine the best storage location for various small boxes of documents, employee handbooks, a vacuum cleaner and other miscellanous stuff.  I think that I have addressed all of the issues but need to review it one more time before presenting it to my client.  I want to be sure that I have anticipated all of the questions that may arise.

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