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Organizing Your Collection

organizing your collectionCollecting is an enjoyable hobby, often providing tangible reminders of special events, travels, and people but keeping your collection organized can be challenging. As storage space is an issue regardless of the size of your home, limiting your collection to your very few favorites and donating, selling or sharing the rest with other collectors is a consideration to seriously pursue.   Unless you’re committed to organizing your collection, it can quickly go from keepsake to clutter. Depending on your collectibles, there are a number of creative ways to go about organizing your collection. Here are just a few recommendations for keeping your collection organized:

Show off small objects (dollhouse miniatures, thimbles, shot glasses, etc.) in a hanging display box. Be creative in your layout, mixing sizes and colors for an interesting piece of wall art. A weathered, wooden printer’s tray makes for a display with character. A top-loading shadow box is perfect for storing a collection of wine corks or matchbooks. Clear glass jars are another great way to display small collectibles like shells, turning your collection into an attractive home accessory.

Give antique glassware or item such as quirky salt and pepper shakers special treatment by grouping them in a well-lit glass display cabinet. If you own more items than can be displayed at once, rotate them periodically, storing extras in divided ornament boxes.

A collection of vinyl records doesn’t have to remain hidden away. Frame a few of your favorite album covers and hang them in a hallway or alongside a staircase for a literal walk down memory lane.

A comic book collection can be shelved neatly in standard three-ring binders using these archival binder pages that keep comics protected and accessible.

If your collection is one that’s made to be touched – think vintage toys or globes – organize items on a low shelf or table to make interacting with them easy.

Remember that collectibles should be items you enjoy having in your home. If you find that they start to look and feel like clutter, or that you dread cleaning and arranging them, it is time to re-assess your objectives.

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