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Our NYC Profession Home Organizer’s Guide to Choosing the Right Storage Solutions

If your goal is to get the clutter in your home under control – and keep it that way – in 2014, you’ll need to assess your space and determining the right storage solutions for you. You’ve heard the term “A Place for Everything, and Everything in Its Place.” Well, this is a whole lot easier said than done. But don’t fret; our NYC Professional Home Organizer is to help you find a place to store everything in your home so you can ensure that everything is in its place for a clutter free 2014!

Our NYC Professional Home Organizer recommends first sorting, through your clutter, weeding out items to be donated or tossed. Once this step is completed, it’s time to evaluate what’s left, as well as the space you’re working with, and determine what types of containers will best house your belongings. Below are our top tips for choosing storage solutions for your NYC home:

  • Make a Plan: Before determining what types of containers will best accommodate your items, you’ll need to determine where in the room you want to store each specific piece, or group of pieces. You’ll need a very different type of bookcase if you want to store your books against a wall with a window than you would if you wanted to place them against a large, window free wall. As you make this plan, our NYC Professional Home Organizer reminds you to keep similar items together and to consider where you will be using them when choosing their location.
  • Measure Your Space: Once you’ve determined where you want each group of items to be stored, you’ll want to measure your space, including the height and width of walls, and the height, length and depth of any pre-existing shelving. Also take note of where electrical outlets and structural limitations are located to ensure that you choose pieces that fit both physically and practically.
  • Do Your Research: Now that you know more details about the space you’re working with, you can determine the sizes of the storage containers you’ll need, as well as how many units of each size. Browse the website of the store that you’ll be shopping at, The Container Store and Bed, Bath & Beyond are two great options, to find the ideal sizes of containers that they offer for each pace. This way you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for when you walk in the store and you can spend some extra time searching for organizing solutions for odd spaces, like the empty corner or on top of your existing shelving.
  • Take Your Tools With You: Though our NYC Professional Home Organizer recommends choosing most of your containers before you head to the store, there may be some unexpected pieces that you’re dying to bring home. Have a tape measure on hand  will prevent you from bringing these items home only to discover that they don’t fit on the shelf on which you envisioned them!

This guide will help you choose the right home for everything in your space to make keeping everything in its place in 2014 a breeze! If your home is in need of a major organizing overhaul, reach out to us! We’ll help you create and implement the systems you need to make 2014 the year you take control of your clutter!

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