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Our Professional Home Organizer in NYC Gives Advice on Optimizing Your Entry Area

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We’re in the dead of winter with the Polar Vortex upon us. Among the downsides of this frigid weather is the extra time needed to dress for the out-of-doors plus the additional clothing required to ward off the cold. All the hats, coats, scarves, boots, gloves, umbrellas and other gear get left at the door when you and your family come home and, if you’re not strategic in the way you’ve set up your entry area, the space can get quickly cluttered. This issue is compounded for many NYC residents who have a very limited amount of space in their entryway and who certainly do not have a mudroom available to store these seasonal items.

Our Professional Home Organizer in NYC gives her top tips for optimizing this space so that it’s both more functional and aesthetically pleasing below:

  • Storage & Style: Storage doesn’t have to be boring! For an option with both form and function, choose an open bench – great for putting on your shoes as you head out the door – with built in storage. Whether you choose a bench with an upholstered removable lid or one with space underneath for baskets in materials that match the style of your space, you can create a station that works for you and with the look of your home.
  • Rack ‘Em Up: Shoes easily find their way into the middle of the floor if you don’t have a designated place for them. Our Professional Home Organizer in NYC suggests adding a shoe rack to your entry area to make shoes easy to find and avoid nasty trips!
  • Leave Your Hang Ups at the Door: Adding a row of sturdy hooks above your storage bench or in another convenient location in your entry area is a necessary and versatile solution. Hang not only jackets, but also dog leashes, keys, handbags and more. Just be sure to add hooks lower to the ground if you have young children so they may reach them as well!
  • Duly Noted:  Our Professional Home organizer in NYC recommends adding a corkboard or dry-erase board to this space to allow you to leave notes and to-do lists in this high traffic area. Hang your family’s calendar as well and now your space can do double duty as your command center!

Just a little effort and creativity can make a big difference when it comes to organizing the entryway in your home. Follow these tips and in no time you’ll stop tripping over boots in the hallway and start fostering organized and efficient habits. Does your entry space need a little more TLC? Our Professional Home Organizer in NYC can create systems and storage solutions to transform even the most cluttered entryway! Schedule your consultation today.

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