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Last month I joined 70 of my fellow NY Professional Organizers at the annual NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) Conference in Baltimore. In addition to the motivating keynotes and educational workshops, all NY Professional Organizers looked forward to visiting the product expo. This year’s expo didn’t disappoint and included some innovative products that will facilitate organizing your NYC home and office. I have chosen a few of my favorites to spotlight.

Divide It Up Folder:  This is a standard letter size folder which contains three slots so that the contents can be divided by sub-category for quick and easy retrieval. This is a great tool for organizing paperwork in both NYC homes and offices.

NeatReceipts:  This portable scanner and digital filing system helps to manage both personal and business paperwork on your computer. The scanner extracts key information from receipts, business cards and documents, thus eliminating the need to keep all the paperwork thus making organizing your NYC office a much easier task. The data can be searched by keyword and exported to Excel, Quicken, QuickBooks or TurboTax.

Post-it Full Adhesive Notes:  These new and improved Post-it Notes have adhesive on the entire 3 x 3” sheet so that your notes will stay affixed.  They also have rounded edges so that the Post-it Notes can be easily removed and affixed to a new surface.

Arc Customizable Notebooks:  These notebooks are the perfect choice for those who prefer a paper solution and need to have a notebook handy throughout their hectic day. The user can completely customize the notebook by selecting the appropriate size and layout and by adding, removing and re-arranging pages and dividers as needed.

Shelf Genie:  These Glide-Out shelves are customized to fit in your cabinets so that they address your specific storage and organizational needs. They help to maximize your available storage space, give you easier access to the items in the cabinets and keep you better organized.

If you have tried any of these products, please share your comments.

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