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Professional Home Organizer’s Tips for Planning New York Fall Camping Getaway

Tent CampingThose of you who know me know that a destination without hot showers and room service does not mean “vacation” in my mind; however I recognize that warm, sunny fall days and cool fall nights make for perfect camping weekends for many NYC area residents. Professional home organizers in New York typically recommend utilizing a to-do list, and this is no exception. Like any type of travel, planning and good NYC organizing solutions are vital for a successful camping trip. Whether you’re a couple setting off for a night of tent camping or a large group packing into a couple of RVs, you need to be sure you have the basics covered. After all, what’s a camping trip without s’mores? From groceries to camping gear to cooking duties, planning for a camping trip addresses many of the same issues that a New York Professional Home Organizer would tackle in your home. Try this customized Camping Checklist from Practical Spreadsheets helps you keep track of every detail (and there are lots of them!) for your next camping trip.

If you’re looking for a camping destination close to NYC, there are plenty of great weekend spots that are just a short drive or train ride away. Check out this list of camp locations that includes campgrounds with tents already set up, traditional state park options and beach camping. Another great resource is Wooddall’s online guide, which lists tent and RV camping locations nationwide. If you’re new to camping and don’t have a favorite spot, it’s a good idea to plan a day trip first – get the feel of a place before you pack up for a few days. Check out details like:

  • Restroom and shower facilities – Are they clean? What are their hours of operation?
  • Guests – Are most campers adults? Families? Retirees? You want to be sure to choose a location that’s a good fit for you.
  • Recreation facilities – If you have kids, you want to look for fun, safe activities for them, including options to keep them busy in case of bad weather.
  • Nearby activities – If you plan to hike, fish, canoe, etc., be sure these options are easily accessible.
  • Noise – Are campsites near a highway, railroad tracks or other sources of continuous noise? This is important to know before you settle into your tent for the night.

Follow these trip organization basics, be creative in finding organizing solutions for your NYC area adventure and you’re sure to enjoy your stay in the great outdoors…even if there isn’t room service.

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