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Ready, Set, MOVE!!! #4 : More Moving Tips from Your NYC Professional Organizer

Most people dread moving, with the work and the stress, and the sense of disorientation moving-dayand mess. But there is a silver lining to that cloud. If done right, moving gives you the opportunity to clean out a lot of old clutter, refocus on what is important to you, and set up your new life in a way that will keep it organized and flowing. If you’ve followed your NYC Professional Organizer’s moving blogs for this month, then you should already be experiencing less stress and a greater sense of control and organization if you are in the midst of a move.

So now for the actual Day Of The Move. A few more tips will get you on the road and into your new abode smoothly, and ease the unloading process once the movers arrive. Whether you’re traveling by car or airplane to your new destination, make sure you have on hand water, food, toothbrush, toothpaste, and other necessities in case of delays, and also to tide you over when you first arrive.

A key piece of advice from our NYC Professional Organizer: Insist upon scheduling a morning unloading time. This way you know that the drivers and moving team will be fresh and alert. A crew that is exhausted after doing someone else’s unloading first tends to be less careful with your possessions and less attentive to your wishes. Arrange in advance to have the movers unpack and set up as much as possible so they can cart away the bulk of the packing materials. It will be much easier for you to begin to arrange things in your home if your furniture is properly placed, so make sure that the movers bring in and position your furniture before they begin hauling in your boxes.

As the movers bring in your boxes, have someone at the front door checking them off on the Master Inventory that you prepared as well as directing the movers to the appropriate rooms. Each of the rooms should have a colored tag or sign on the doorway that is identical to that on the cartons, so the movers can easily and efficiently place the boxes in the correct location. Our NYC Professional Organizer has used this strategy with many clients in the midst of their moves and it has made the process quicker and much less stressful.

Now you are standing in your new home amid canyons of boxes, where to begin? Your NYC Professional Organizer believes in First Things First. Functional bedrooms and bathrooms are the first step. By the end of the day, you will probably want a shower and to flop into bed, so make sure that you get those two rooms ready. Next you might connect your basic electronics (computer, telephone land line if you have one, and TV). The next step would be kitchen and eating area. Nothing says “I’m home” like the first meal prepared in your new place. Once you’ve tackled those areas, you can

continue unpacking room by room as you please. Remember to put your used boxes in the recycling bins, or you can give them away on Craigslist or on FreeCycle .

Welcome Home!

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