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Say Goodbye to Clutter this Spring with Help from Our NYC Professional Home Organizer

organized shelvesEarlier this week we discussed tips for achieving a good deep clean in your home this spring. But getting rid of any unnecessary clutter will make getting into every nook and cranny a lot easier! Here are our NYC Professional Organizer’s top 5 tips for conquering clutter this spring so you can get down to cleaning every corner and dusting every surface!

  1. Start with the Biggest Combat Zones: When you begin your decluttering journey, start in the room that makes you cringe the most… for some families this is the kitchen, for others it’s the living room, for clothes horses it’s often the bedroom. Wherever you find the most clutter in your home, start there! You’ll be surprise how relieved and motivated you’ll be once you get the biggest problem area in order.
  2. Divide and Conquer: Our NYC Professional Organizer points out that the easiest way to avoid becoming overwhelmed is by dividing each space into smaller areas or zones. For instance, in the kitchen, start with the spice cabinet or pantry rather than addressing the entire space at the start.
  3. Schedule Short Decluttering Dates: Take 15 to 30 minutes to clean out that overflowing junk drawer or sort through that pile of books you haven’t read in years. Be sure to set a timer to see how much you can accomplish. Once you’re finished setting aside items to donate and organizing those you’ll be keep, reward yourself with a piece of chocolate or that long awaited latte.
  4. Start from Scratch: When you begin organizing a space, whether it’s a drawer, shelf, or cabinet, empty the whole space and start from scratch. As you sort through the items from the space, create four piles or boxes: trash, donation, maybe, and keep. Then sort the items accordingly. Return keep items to the space, toss the trash, and schedule a time to donate things that you no longer use but could be useful to others. Mark your calendar to check the maybe box again in 6 months. If you haven’t had a need for those items during this time, you should sort through them for donations, recycling and discarding.
  5. Create a System: When returning items you’re keeping to their rightful homes, create an organization system that makes sense to you. For instance, maybe you prefer to keep books in order by genre or to arrange them by size. Spices can be kept alphabetically or by style of cuisine in which they are used. Whichever method you choose, our NYC Professional Organizer reminds you to be sure that it’s something you’ll remember and be able to maintain.

Still struggling with your clutter? Reach out to our NYC Professional Organizer. She’ll help you determine the items that you can part with, create systems for organizing the things you decide to keep, and solidify habits for keeping everything in order long after spring has passed.

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