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Tips for Improving Recycling at Your Business

Businesses create a lot of waste in their operations, leading to loss of revenue and increased pollution. A solid recycling program will ensure your company runs as efficiently as possible.

Use these tips for improving recycling at your business to limit your carbon footprint and reduce waste.

Audit Existing Processes

If your organization is already operating at max capacity, it’s good to know how much waste it’s producing. Doing an audit will give you a picture of ongoing processes and how they can be improved with better recycling.

By quantifying the type and amount of waste you produce, you can identify areas of concern and focus on them first. You can also get an idea of how much trash is recycled versus how much is thrown away to give you a target for improvement.

Create a Waste Management Plan

Once you’ve got a picture of how much waste you’re dealing with, it’s time to start creating a plan of action. A good waste management plan can identify excess waste, build partnerships, and use the most effective sites and facilities.

The components of your waste management plan should account for any resources you have available. Understanding the role that dumpsters play in the recycling industry will allow you to manage waste more effectively.

Train Staff

It doesn’t matter how good your waste management plan is if your staff isn’t adequately trained to dispose of items. Training individuals to understand which items should be disposed of and how will ensure your organization maximizes its recycling.

Incentivizing employee recycling starts with getting the message out. You can use informational sessions, brochures, and posters to ensure they have all the relevant information. Employ clear and effective strategies alongside incentives to promote the desired outcomes.

Prioritize Spending Habits

In most businesses, limiting waste is made difficult by the organization’s ongoing spending habits. Changing structures and refining goals will allow businesses to streamline their recycling processes and reduce waste.

Improving recycling at your business doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply looking at existing processes, creating a plan, and educating employees is enough to transform your waste management capabilities.

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