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Tips for Overcoming Challenges at Your Remote Job

Remote work has become more commonplace in recent years. While there are many benefits to working from home, there are some unique challenges as well. Here are a few tips for overcoming challenges at your remote job.

Decreased Mental Health

The Problem:

Many people who already struggle with mental health can find that working from home exacerbates their symptoms. In fact, anyone can experience some of these symptoms when isolated for long periods.

The Fix:

If your job permits you to do so, leaving the house can be a great way to refresh your mental health. Work at a coffee shop, library, or another community space. Working outdoors or taking a walk to get some fresh air can also help boost your mood.

If you can’t work outside the house, focus on creating the perfect workspace for yourself. Get rid of excess clutter, choose ergonomic furniture, and curate the decor for your dream office.

Lack of Community

The Problem:

Not having coworkers around you can be draining. The lack of socialization can feel isolating, and the lack of community can make shouldering your usual workload more difficult.

The Fix:

If your workplace uses a messaging site like Microsoft Teams to keep in contact, take advantage of that! Use the channels feature to make places for like-minded people to hang out and make friends. Some great topic ideas include plant parents, gaming, books, or pets. Soon, you’ll be able to discuss your interests with other coworkers who like the same things as you.

Less Accessible Support

The Problem:

Not being able to pop into your boss’s office or ask your next-door neighbor for support can make finding help more difficult. This can make your quality of work suffer and increase feelings of isolation.

The Fix:

Reach out to your boss and ask if there are any options for additional support. For example, can you create a group channel for all your coworkers? This could make brainstorming and collaboration easier.

Furthermore, are there any senior members who could help the newer employees with the transition? Remember, those in leadership positions are also facing remote work challenges, so your boss will be aware of the issues and understand the importance of addressing them.

Overcoming the challenges at your remote job is tough but doable. Remember these tips and keep your head up! You’ve got this.

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