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Tips for Organizing Your Personal Electronic Devices

When it comes to organization, technology can either be your friend or your foe.8142374143_823e31c7c7_c Sometimes, it can be both in the same day!

For instance, your smart phone and tablets, when well managed, create efficiencies that equate to having a personal assistant for the price of a monthly phone contract. On the other hand, if you live in a household with two or three other plugged-in people (say a spouse and a teen or two), I don’t have to bring my expertise as an NYC professional organizer to bear to tell you that sometimes those phones and tablets:

  • Go missing
  • Wind up in a “device drift”
  • Seem to be attached to every electric socket in the house

There are some good solutions to all of these problems. And my skills as a professional organizer in NYC do prove useful here! Visually, as well as mentally, it’s important to demonstrate that you are in control of your personal electronic devices, rather than the other way around. So:

  • Create at least one strategically placed charging station (these can actually be attractive)
  • Have some no-go zones for personal devices (it’ll create peace and be one less place to look)
  • Use distinctive protective cases or markings for devices that resemble one another (don’t learn this one the hard way!)
  • Have a family meeting to agree on where and how devices will be kept

Establishing these ground rules will help everyone in your family keep track of their personal devices – as well as those you may share – and will prevent these essential tools from becoming clutter in your home. If you need help determining the best rules for your family or creating organized charging stations, your NYC professional organizer is here to help! Reach out for a free consultation to get started.

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