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Turn those Winter Blues into Springtime Hues with Tips from our NYC Professional Home Organizer!

Organizing winter clothesNow that the weather’s turned warmer, you may be looking to shed some of those heavy winter layers… But, you’ll need to transition your closet from cool weather wear to warm weather wear first! Our NYC Professional Home Organizer is here to share some smart tips on effectively transitioning your closets from one season to another, after all, a little thought and effort on the front end will pay off for you when everything’s just as you need it, right when you need it.

  • Pencil yourself in! Schedule a block of time to complete the task of transitioning and organizing your closet. Divide this task into a series of small steps so that should you get tired or need to stop the contents of your closet or dresser aren’t all over the room. Our NYC Professional Home Organizer recommends working on one shelf or drawer at a time sorting through the accumulated clothing.
  • Really sift through the contents of your winter wardrobe. Take a really good look at each item. If you didn’t wear something this past season because it is out of style or just doesn’t look good on you, donate it. There are many organizations that will happily take your sweaters and coats and give them to those in need.
  • Keep a sewing kit close at hand. As you go through each item, ensure it’s in good order. Go ahead and repair any loose buttons or small tears before putting them away until the fall. That way, you can dress and go the next time you pull each item out of the closet.
  • Fill tall boots with old newspaper, tissue paper or foam tubes. This smart tip from our NYC Professional Home Organizer will help your boots keep their shape when stored for the warm weather season.
  • Ensure everything’s properly laundered prior to storage. You don’t want to look forward to wearing something for the first time next season, only to take it out of its storage container and find it stained.
  • Keep everything fresh. Pack your winter wear with moth balls, cedar blocks and/or fabric softener sheets, which will not only provide a fresh scent, they’ll deter any tiny insects from calling your storage containers home.
  • Consider space saving storage solutions. For instance, these vacuum storage bags can have the air removed from them once filled with items such as fluffy sweaters or down vests, coats and comforters, increasing your available storage space.
  • Remember to store in a clean, cool, dark, dry space. And check in on your storage space occasionally throughout the season. Just to give yourself peace of mind that everything’s in good shape.

After applying these winter wear storage suggestions, courtesy of our NYC Professional Home Organizer, you’ll be ready to pull out those sarongs and golf shirts and be appropriately attired to enjoy the warm weather!

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