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Turn Your Garage Into a Home Office

The garage home office is quite common among homeowners who work from home but don’t have enough space in the house for an office. If you’re considering turning your garage into a home office, we’ll share the first steps of the transformation.

Clean and Declutter

Before considering paint colors for the walls or flooring options, you must clean and organize the garage. A good first step in turning a garage into a livable space is to remove everything so you can have a clean base. Then, you can declutter and organize your garage belongings—throwing out what you don’t need and moving around what you want to keep. 

Add Insulation

Another critical step to turning your garage into a home office is to make it more comfortable, which often means adding insulation. Most garages don’t have insulation because keeping a stable, comfortable temperature is unnecessary. If you plan on working long days or nights in the garage, it’ll need insulation to maintain a comfortable temperature and preserve energy in your heating and air conditioning system.

Update Flooring

If your garage is like many others and features a concrete or linoleum floor, consider updating it with something more comfortable or stylish. If you don’t mind the current flooring, then a few rugs or carpets could do the trick. However, if you decide to change the flooring, a polyaspartic floor coating is a wonderful option. It comes in many colors, is durable, and will make your garage look more like a luxury showroom than a, well, garage!

Improve Lighting

Many garages have basic, practical lighting, like one overhead light and some task lighting. While this may be okay for a garage that houses a car and some landscaping or gardening equipment, it’s not ideal for working from home.

Desk lamps and floor lamps are great for soft and pleasant illumination. You might consider adding a window to the garage if you prefer natural light while working. 

Increase Storage

If your garage lacks floor space, you’ll want to do what you can to maximize the storage capability. Choosing the right garage storage systemis critical when renovating your garage into a workspace. You can still keep supplies and equipment in the garage but store them away so they’re not a nuisance while working. Wall and overhead storage options are great because they don’t take up much floor space.

Follow these steps, and you can transform a basic garage into the home office of your dreams. You’ll be amazed at how your new home office will become your favorite place with just a few changes!

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