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Vacation Packing Tips from the Professional Organizer in NYC

9-08-7An important step in any vacation preparations is packing for your trip. If you’ve ever had to sit on your suitcase to attempt to zip it closed, then you know there must be a better way! You want to make sure you have everything you need on your trip and you don’t want to spend too much time searching for items once you arrive at your location.

This Professional Organizer in NYC wants you to enjoy your vacation, so here are some simple packing tips to keep you organized!

Make a list. Sounds so simple, right? But this is often a step that is skipped! The easiest way to ensure you don’t forget anything on your trip is to make a list of everything that you will need. Bonus: you can use the list to help you repack before heading home to make sure nothing is left behind! Include everything you will need on the list. Clothes, shoes, medication, toiletries, electronics, anything and everything you plan on taking. Do the same for every person in your family.

Don’t overpack. It can be quite easy to pack a few extra pairs of pants or shirts “just in case” but the reality is that you truly don’t need all of the extras! Think about the clothing you are taking. Can you wear a pair of pants or a skirt more than once? Pack items that you can mix and match. Worst case scenario, you can always do laundry on your trip! Think about what other items you can leave behind. Perhaps the hotel you’ll be staying in provides a hair dryer. That’s one less thing to pack!

Pack to maximize space. For items like blouses and sweaters, fold them neatly, making sure to smooth wrinkles first. Other items like t-shirts and jeans can be rolled. This saves space and minimizes wrinkles! If you are packing a suitcase with wheels, pack your shoes and heavier items along the wheel base. This helps stabilize the center of gravity so your items don’t shift around and your bag won’t fall over when you turn it upright! Then start with your tightly packed rolled clothing, followed by layering folded dresses, pants, and skirts. Tip: Alternate which sides the waistbands are on so that your stack is balanced. Fill in empty spaces with extras, such as bathing suits, socks, and accessories. Tip: to help prevent wrinkles, line your suitcase with a plastic trash bag. Place dresses individually in dry cleaning bags to reduce friction and keep them wrinkle free.

Packing can seem stressful, but with these tips approved by this Professional Organizer in NYC, you will be able to stay organized and feel in control. With a little time and preparation, you will be able to pack for your trip and feel at ease as you travel this summer!

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