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Virtual Home Office Organizing & Decluttering: Case Study

I had the pleasure of working with Debra Dixon-Anderson of Light of Gold PR to host a 2-part series entitled “Organizing Your Space”. During this series, we focused on virtual home office organizing as a way to create a productive workspace. I guided Debra through the decluttering process as we transformed her second bedroom from a combat zone into an office for her company. Our objective was to create an organized space that will serve her now as well as in the future.

The Setting: Debra’s workdays were spent in her business office…that was until the pandemic and the work from home mandate. Debra needed to quickly set up a workspace and her home office desk was cluttered with stacks of files dating back 4 or more years, marketing materials, and supplies. Her dining room table was the next logical spot and she settled in to work from there. She like many others was making due as her “office” began taking over her living space.

Part 1: Our event provided Debra with the perfect opportunity to clear the clutter and set up a workspace that suited her needs.  While allowing a Zoom meeting full of strangers into her home office was uncomfortable at first, Debra was ready to take-action once I assured her that our sessions would be judgement free, supportive and collaborative. With this, Part 1 kicked into high gear. Our strategy was to be very systematic as we decluttered the space. We identified the papers as our immediate focus, discussed converting to a mostly digital filing system and started sorting. Marketing materials that were still usable were filed away. Business cards and materials collected at events over the prior years were tossed. Documents that would now be kept digitally were collected for scanning. At the end of our session, Debra knew what needed to be done and welcomed her homework assignment which included decluttering at least the right side of the desk.

Part 2: One week later, we were back on Zoom anxiously awaiting the great reveal. Debra didn’t disappoint as she had decluttered the entire desk and area around it…she aced her homework!

Now that only the essential items were left on the desk and space around the desk clear, we focused on workflow and discussed the best way to use the now available spaces. Charges and miscellaneous supplies were moved to the supply storage area, a work in progress area was setup and the scanner moved to the top of the above desk shelving unit. Debra could now decide how best to balance the functional with aesthetic on the desk and around it. While the file drawer was mostly organized, there were folders and documents that still needed to be filed. Using colored folders was Debra’s preference as the colors signified information category. By the end of our second session, Debra had a short list of tasks to complete. Like many, Debra had ridden the emotional rollercoaster from sharing her cluttered space and baring her soul to great joy at being able to reclaim her living space while working comfortably in her home office.

Testimonial: “I have a wonderful history working withStephanie!  I am impressed by Stephanie’s organizational skills and feel she is excellent at creating customized solutions to help organize your space.  Stephanie bases her approach on your personality, your desired use for your space or office, as well as consulting with you on how to keep your space organized.  I would hire The Organizing Zone not only to establish immediately useful space that is clear and organized but to also open up creativity for your business!”

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