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Virtual Organizing Services May Be the Answer

This could be it! Your space is disorganized. You’re wasting time looking for stuff. You’re frequently distracted by the piles that are cluttering your desk and floor.  As a result, you’re not getting as much done as you should be. Virtual organizing services could be the solution for you.

I have found working virtually with my clients to be a successful way to tackle their projects. You may ask why. There are 3 reasons why virtual organizing services work:

1. The 1-hour sessions are easier to schedule because they are shorter than the typical in person meeting.

2. The meetings have a very focused agenda so progress is evident more quickly. Seeing this is very motivating to my clients.

3. As my clients are doing the physical work under my guidance, the repetitive action helps to reinforce new behaviors causing new habits to form faster.

Here are examples of the types of projects that I’ve worked on virtually:

-Setting up a paper filing system.

-Identifying a more appropriate desk for a home office and re-organizing the space to make it fit.

-Organizing craft supplies so that they are consolidated in one place and more accessible.

-Creating a system for extracting tasks from daily meeting notes and moving them to a to-do list.

-Decluttering bookcases in a home office so that every category of information has a location and it’s easier to find items.

As you can see, the projects are varied. In each case, my client achieved their goal which put a smile on their face and mine. If you would like to learn more about virtual organizing services, check out this page or reach out today.

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