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What is Virtual Organizing…Is it for You?

Providing organizing services without physically being in a client’s home or office has been an alternative approach for longer than the last 3 or 4 months. As a NYC Professional Office Organizer, I typically met with clients in person which I hope to continue doing as appropriate. However, now that we’re living in a COVID-19 world, I have transitioned to also providing some services virtually. As I’m frequently asked how this is done, I wanted to share more about working with clients in this manner.

So far, I have worked on home office, filing system, decluttering and project management projects. All have gone extremely well and my clients have achieved their goals. While virtual organizing might not be the right solution for everyone or every project, it can work very effectively in the right situation.

What is it?  Virtual organizing is a process for getting organized by using technology (Zoom, Skype, etc.) so that the organizer and client can see each other and interact while working on a project. The sessions can be an alternative to onsite organizing or in addition to the in-person meetings.

How is the work done?  One hour sessions are scheduled one or more times a week. The organizer and client collaborate to develop the strategies for achieving the client’s goals, very much like they would do during in person meetings. The professional organizer guides the client through the session and the client does the physical work. There are typically post session assignments to complete between the meetings.

Who does it work for?  This is an ideal solution for those who comfortable with technology. In addition, for those who are self-starters, very motivated and able to work on their own to get the between session assignments done, this can be a successful alternative.

Who doesn’t it work for?  Conversely, it isn’t for those who are tech challenged or those who want to address a number of issues at once as the sessions have a single focus. In addition, it isn’t for those who aren’t able to do the physical work themselves or don’t have someone available to provide this assistance.

What are the benefits?  These sessions also allow clients to be more in control and contain less distractions so they can be more focused. The shorter, more frequent sessions are more conducive to the development of new habits. Virtual organizing services provides the chance for busy people who can’t commit to frequent 3-4 hour sessions to still achieve their organizing goals. In addition, as the sessions are shorter, they are more affordable.

Is virtual organizing the right solution for you?  For more information or to get answers to your specific questions, reach out to your NYC Professional Office Organizer today.

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