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Why is Working From Home Beneficial?

Before COVID-19, 1 in 10 Americans worked from home at least 1 day a week. That all changed with the lockdown. With rare exceptions, companies were forced to shut down sending their staff home to work. Even now, 5 months later, many companies have told their employees to continue working from home for now or even indefinitely. While there may be drawbacks to working from home, there are also benefits. As a NYC home office organizer, I am very interested in learning more and wanted to share this with you.

Benefits of working from home

1. Better work life balance. It is much easier to have a definitive start/finish to your workday when you are working remotely.

2. Increased productivity and focus. Once routines are set for managing the household interruptions and schedules, there are still less distractions when working remotely so more tasks are crossed off to-do lists.

3. Stay healthier. There is a lower risk of exposure to the Coronavirus as well as the flu and other common illness by working remotely. This benefits all members of the household and keeps everyone working and in school.

Benefits of having the staff work remotely

1. Remote workplaces are more desirable.  Potential employees are more apt to accept a position with a company that gives them the chance to periodically work remotely.

2. Broader area for recruiting. There is a larger pool of potential candidates to consider when when commuting distance doesn’t have to be considered. This is especially beneficial when specific skills are required.

3. Lower overhead. With less staff in the office, costs to operate and maintain the office space will be decreased. Less supplies and equipment will be needed and eventually the amount of office space will be reduced as well.

What benefits are you experiencing as a result of working from home?  Reach out to this NYC Professional Home Office Organizer today to share your comments.

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