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Working from Home AND Planning for the Holidays

With the holidays only weeks away, your to do list is starting to overflow with both work and holiday related tasks. Working from home and planning for the holidays can be challenging enough during a normal holiday season. In many ways this is the most unusual holiday season that we have ever faced. Along with the COVID restrictions and issues comes the need to be extra resourceful. All of this results in more tasks that need to be done in the next couple of weeks.  

Are all the holiday tasks that you need to do already on your to do list?  If not, stop and identify all that needs to get done and start blocking time on your calendar for these tasks.

When you’re making this list, consider these 2 points:

Streamline it.  While you might like to follow all the traditions that your family and colleagues look forward to each year, this is the year to simplify your celebrations. Start by identifying the most meaningful tradition(s). Try to limit it to those that are easiest to honor. Choose easy to execute solutions that are both creative (so they’ll be fun) and don’t take lots of prep time.

Keep the list short. All the additional holiday tasks on your to do list can become overwhelming. To minimize this, stick to the essentials like slice/bake cookies for a cookie swap and postpone the rest until next year.  Remember that you’re working from home, managing your household and children in addition to planning a holiday celebration so there’s more chaos than normal. Give yourself an early holiday gift by keeping your holiday prep list short.

If you are working from home and planning for the holidays at the same time, your plate is full. If you would like a time management tips for streamlining your to do list, I’m here to support you…please reach out to me. 

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