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Working from Home… Control Your Environment

How do you thrive in a world where there’s so much that you can’t control? Focus on what you can control and pull out all the stops! Yes, there are significant concerns related to the pandemic, economic issues, and the political climate.  As a result, this is a time of high anxiety. You’re working from home… control your environment! Creating a space that supports your work and life is essential especially during these times. By taking charge of your environment, you’ll have an oasis of calm and control where you can effectively and efficiently address the curveballs that life throws your way.

Here are some thoughts to consider….

Clear the clutter: Clients often tell me how much more in control they feel when they have an organized space. With working from home and remote learning, there’s a good chance that your home has gotten more cluttered. Reclaim your space so that you can concentrate on managing your daily priorities.

Dedicated space: Regardless of the size of your space, carving out designated areas for specific activities is key. This way all your family members have a go to place for work or school each morning. Each area should include a work surface, supplies, and all necessary materials.

Systems/Structure: In order to maintain your space and to stay in command of it, create systems for managing the space. Daily blitzes to clear clutter. Information flow systems to ensure the must do tasks get done. In addition, have a definitive schedule for your day. Block time for recurring business meetings but also for focused time with your children.

Achieve your goals: Having control over your environment positions you to be better able to achieve your goals. You are now in a mindset that is focused, positive and ready to take-action.  Whether your goal is to be a better leader while working from home or making sure that your children are doing well in school, these become more attainable.

These are challenging times. Working from home, control your environment… try doing this.  Reach out if you need help getting this done.  

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