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3 Home Office Organizing Hacks… Check These Out!

I’m always on the lookout for new and innovative home office organizing hacks that I can share with my clients. With working from home and remote schooling, there are many challenges in creating effective and efficient workspaces for everyone.  Fortunately home office organizing is a creative process and the solutions just need to be customized to those using the space. With a little outside the box thinking, you’d be surprised how you can re-purpose furniture and other items in your home and then complete the job with products like these below.

Store small supplies.  With everyone working from home and your children attending school remotely, your home is probably getting cluttered with all sorts of supplies.  Try these stackable containers with a clear front making the contents visible and the tilt opening providing easy access.

Create a home for work essentials. To-do lists, folders, notebooks… working and going to school from home requires a space to stow the essentials. This multifunction organizer could do the trick for keeping your temporary desk better organized as well as giving your daughter or son additional space at their desks to manage their school materials. The best part is that no nails are required!

Storage at your fingertips. Have ready access to your key supplies without getting up from your chair with this hanging organizer. This unit can be secured to your desk without damaging it and then gives you access to 5 sections plus a pencil/pen tray. Store folders, paperwork and other letter size items that you use frequently at your traditional or standing desk.  

Have you tried any of these home office organizing hacks?  I would love to hear your comments if you have. Please reach out to me.  

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