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What Products Does a Home Office Organizer Suggest?

As a home office organizer, I have frequently suggesting office organizing products to my clients so that they can better utilize their home workspace. Here are 4 products that work especially well for both those who are newer to working from home as well as those who have always worked this way. File Box  Whether… Continue Reading »

Reasons Why Your Ethernet Connection Is Slow

When you’re working from home, it is imperative that your internet is working quickly and smoothly. Anything less, and your poor connection may negatively impact your productivity by forcing you to come to a halt at an inconvenient time…typically while you’re in the middle of an important task or drafting an urgent email. To strengthen… Continue Reading »

Unexpected Ways You Can Relieve Work-from-Home Stress

One of the greatest enemies of productivity is stress. It doesn’t matter if your stress comes from your job, from your family and friends, or just from life—it can quickly break down the things you’ve worked hard to develop. If you’re working from home, escaping the stress can be even more difficult, since it’s all… Continue Reading »

My Favorites: Tips for Working From Home

Working from home is still very common and will continue to be a way of life well into next year. It comes with its own challenges like sharing your space with family members, the collection of additional clutter, and creating an effective workspace. As a NYC professional office organizer, I am frequently addressing these issues… Continue Reading »

What To Look for in a Chair for Your Home Office

Many of us have been working from home over the last few months, and it looks like we might be for a while longer. During your time working from home, you might have realized that there is one item you need to invest in—a chair. Because a chair is no small investment, find out what to look for… Continue Reading »

How the Lockdown Helped Prepare Us

Both my husband and I were working from home during the lockdown. We developed good workday routines, each had our own workspace and had the benefit of company during breaks. I did miss having Jay home once he returned to the office in early June. As happens, circumstances allowed for Jay to accelerate his plans… Continue Reading »