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3 Hybrid Working Challenges

As more people are getting vaccinated, there are rumblings of staff going back into their offices as soon as later this year. However, the question is whether they will be back for the full week or have a split work week. The concept of hybrid working is getting a lot of attention as companies are navigating these uncharted waters. Based on surveys, many workers would prefer working from home 3 days per week while their employers would prefer to have them in the office for those 3 days. Regardless of how the week is split up, staff will continue to work from home for a portion of each week.

Since working from home has proven to work, the next issue will be adjusting to the challenges of moving between work locations each week. The good news is that they can be overcome with a little planning.

1. Lack of a consistent routine. Pre-pandemic your routine was very predictable for the most part. You had one office and regular work hours. Now it appears that just as you’re getting use to being in one location, it’s time to transition to your other work location. It will take some longer than others to get use to this new routine. However, after a number of weeks of this new schedule, you should find yourself adapting.  

2. Re-focus schedule and priorities. Determining how you will use the time in each work location will be essential. If your days will be the same regardless of location, then there will be less of an issue. However, if your in office time will be mostly devoted to meetings and collaborating, then shifting your daily/weekly priorities and managing your calendar accordingly will be an important consideration.

3. Shift to proactive. Adapting a more proactive mindset will be beneficial when you are working from 2 locations each week. Being sure to plan ahead so that you can take advantage of the opportunities presented by each work location. For example, schedule time in advance to meet with your team during your time in the office. Or setting aside time on your work from home days to complete tasks that require focused work time.

Will you be shifting to a hybrid work model this year?  If so, what challenges will you have to overcome. Please reach out to share them.

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