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4 Easy Tips from Your NYC Professional Home Organizer to Tackle Spring Cleaning this Season

spring cleaningIt’s here – spring is finally in the air, and with it comes an urge to purge… At least for this NYC Professional Organizer! If you’re also feeling the need for a fresh, clean space, take advantage of the season and consider getting in the spring cleaning spirit.

Although it’s easy to want to clean, and certainly something you can easily recognize, it’s another thing to really get going on your spring cleaning journey. Have no fear, our NYC Professional Organizer is here to share tips and ideas on how to begin spring cleaning and really make the most out of your time and efforts:

–          The trick’s in the kit.

  • Create a cleaning kit you’ll bring with you from space to space to lessen any runaround there may be gathering up the tools you’ll need to properly tackle each space.
  • A proper house cleaning kit will include items like cloths, scrub brushes, rubber gloves, an old toothbrush, disinfecting wipes, and various cleansers and polishes all stored together in an easy-to-carry caddy.

–          Get Strategic!

  • When you begin on one space, consider cleaning from the top down, that way you’re only cleaning each surface once. When you leave cleaning your ceiling fan or light fixture last, you may have to re-dust/polish any furniture and re-clean the floor below it.
  • Begin with your light fixtures, dust the room’s crown molding, move on to window treatments, and continue working your way down through the room from there.

–          Size Matters.

  • Just the thought of a good, thorough, deep spring cleaning may dissuade some of you from giving it a go… Don’t get overwhelmed before you get started! Start with small bits of time, and give yourself specific cleaning tasks to accomplish in that time. And only focus on one room/space at a time.

–          Often overlooked…

  • As a NYC Professional Home Organizer, it’s my job to pay attention to the details. And that means sharing some often overlooked items you may not think to consider during your cleaning pass this spring season:
    • Glass globes in light fixtures, the tops of shelves and cabinets, crown moldings and baseboards, on top of and behind the refrigerator, vacuum upholstered furniture, and clean pillows (hang in the sun to freshen and dry).

By being mindful of all you need to accomplish this spring cleaning season, and crossing items off the list as you do them, you’ll be enjoying a beautifully cleaned home in no time! And, don’t forget to take advantage of your motivation to clean by donating  or recycling anything you haven’t worn/used in the last year – this is a NYC Professional Home Organizer favorite. A streamlined home, is so much easier to clean!

Good luck and happy spring cleaning season to all!

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