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Home School Pods Need Organizing Too – Case Study

Just like you, your kids need an effective and efficient space for schoolwork especially if they are doing remote learning. As I tell clients when discussing their home offices, they should have a dedicated workspace with all the essential supplies, materials, and tools readily accessible. The same is true for children. I recently worked with… Continue Reading »

How To Simplify Your Holiday To-Do List

If the holidays are always hectic for you, this year holds unique challenges. There’s not as much you can do in person, whether it’s shopping or giving someone a hug. And if you’re working from home, all the festive family chaos can get mixed up with your professional obligations. If you’re not sure how to… Continue Reading »

Create an Office Holiday Action Plan for Getting It All Done

How does your office navigate the busy holiday season? The last several weeks of the year are busy with holiday parties, family gatherings, shopping trips, and maybe even a trip or two. With an office full of people trying to manage work and their personal lives, it’s imperative to take steps to ensure that the… Continue Reading »

Valuable Real Estate – Your Desk!

  What drives real estate prices up? When there is more demand for space than there is space available. Nowhere is that more true than with that small but precious piece of real estate known as Your Desk. If you consider how much disorganization slows you down, and creates anxiety as well, then you will… Continue Reading »

Clear the Winter Clutter From Your Entryway

  As winter swings into full gear, you’ve probably started accumulating all of the cold weather clutter – winter coats, sweaters, boots, hats, gloves, scarves. These items are necessities to brave the cold, but without a designated space to store them, they can take over your entryway. As you walk into your home, you want… Continue Reading »

Organizing Tips for Kids from Your NYC Professional Organizer

  Keeping kids organized can be a big challenge.  Most kids don’t come by organization naturally, and have to learn the skill.  Many parents have similar issues, but when the clutter is all over the floors of your home, it’s time to corral your children and teach them some organizing basics.  I know, I know,… Continue Reading »