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4 Steps to Successfully Rehabbing a Business Space

Do you feel like your office could go for a fresh start? Before packing your bags and seeking new digs, determine what your current space has to offer. Depending on your budget, you can turn a cramped and inconvenient workspace into a spacious office. Here are four steps for successfully rehabbing a business space to create the ideal work environment.

Expert Insight

Unsure about your working space’s possibilities? Seek out a commercial workspace contractor before you start smashing through walls and replacing flooring. An efficiency consultant can evaluate your space, the size of your team, and everyone’s work habits and suggest methods for maximizing the potential of every room. They know how to arrange and rearrange equipment, furniture, and materials to make the most of the space you have. Finally, they can project the costs and requirements for any necessary modifications.

What’s Permitted?

Before starting renovations, you’ll have to get approval from the local authorities. If you start work that fails to meet the construction codes of your city, your work will likely be shut down. That means lost time and revenue. If you hire a contractor, they will likely help you acquire the necessary permits for construction, but not always.

If you prefer a DIY approach, look up local building codes and consult your local building and safety department before applying for permits. A representative will review your plans, approve the permits, and conduct inspections while the renovations take place.

What About Waste?

Rehabbing a space creates a lot of waste, and you need to dispose of it safely. You must also consider your health and the health of those working in the office. Even seemingly harmless substances carry risks. For example, replacing a concrete sidewalk, parking area, or floor slab requires you to hire professionals for concrete removal in order to prevent the spread of lung-damaging silica. Prep for the collection of waste after the workers retire their sledgehammers.

Budget Wisely

The last of our four steps for successfully rehabbing a business space might be the most important. Create a budget of how much you want to spend on the project. When that’s done, add about 10–20 percent to the final figure to calculate your real budget. Renovation and rehabbing projects can surprise you, and not always in pleasant ways. It’s not a question of if a project will go over budget but rather when. Be prepared for those little hiccups that always pop up.

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