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Tips for Welcoming Employees Back After COVID-19

Who would have guessed that people would be so excited at the prospect of going back to the office? Going back into the office is a sign that things are finally getting back to normal—that things will be okay. Returning to work after a three-day weekend isn’t exciting but returning after a four-month lockdown is… Continue Reading »

Data Destruction Benefits for Businesses

Switching office buildings or even general office organization can be a burden. Just like cleaning out an unused office, you don’t know what to keep or throw away. However, when people become neglectful, they throw away the wrong things. In this case, electronics or data storage with sensitive information can fall into competitors’ or criminals’… Continue Reading »

What Will Office Space Look Like After COVID-19

Settled into home offices and work-from-home (WFH) setups for the long haul, returning to work in an office tower may feel unimaginable. The day will come, however, when workers return to office spaces shared with in-the-flesh (as opposed to on-the-Zoom) colleagues. Office organizers and designers are already working to answer the question on everyone’s mind:… Continue Reading »

Working with a Professional Office Organizer

For many people, hiring a professional office organizer is a much-needed step towards improved productivity. However, many individuals have never worked with a professional organizer before and aren’t sure what they should expect. We’ve discussed what a professional can do for you, but what does the process look like? Whether you hire this NYC Professional… Continue Reading »

3 Signs That It’s Time to Hire a Professional Office Organizer

Let’s take a quick poll – have you ever worked with a Professional Office Organizer before? If you have, then you know firsthand how beneficial an experience this can be. If you haven’t worked with a professional before, assess the projects that need to be addressed, the company’s goals for these projects, and explore how… Continue Reading »

Organizing Projects: How to Organize Your Handbag

All of the current quarantine and social distancing happening across the country due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) have many people looking for projects to do to vary how their time is spent at home. There’s probably a long list of organizing projects you’ve been putting off waiting until you had more time to get them… Continue Reading »