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Schedule Office Organizing Time… Be Ready for Summer

Summer is almost here. With the warm breeze and sunshine comes longer days and a desire to spend less time in the office. You may be planning a vacation or long weekends away which are well deserved after months of hard work. But before season starts, take a little time to declutter your office and… Continue Reading »

3 Tips to Ease the Transition Back to Work After Vacation

After time off for a well-earned vacation, it can be difficult to immediately transition back into your normal work mode. Time away to relax is needed to re-charge but jumping right back into a busy workday with a full schedule and jam-packed to-do list can be overwhelming. To make the adjustment easier, this NYC Professional… Continue Reading »

4 Strategies To Maximize Your Work Day This Summer

Attempting to balance work and life is hard for everyone, but it’s increasingly more difficult during the summer months. With the warmer weather and longer days, there are more opportunities for vacations, trips, and fun. But despite the weather, work still needs to be done. How can you maximize your workday so you can enjoy… Continue Reading »

Create a Vacation Prep Plan So You’ll Enjoy Your Time Out of the Office

Sometimes the greatest obstacle to taking time off for a weekend getaway or a family vacation is your job and its responsibilities. How can you leave work for a period of time? Will everything still run efficiently without you? How can you possibly enjoy time off if you are worried about the massive amount of… Continue Reading »

Balancing Work and Time Off While on Vacation

When you are running a business or have a lot of work responsibility, the idea of taking any time off to enjoy a vacation might not be on your radar. Instead of thinking of the positive benefits of getting away, you may be overwhelmed as you consider what would happen with your workload if you… Continue Reading »

4 Challenges Sabotaging Your Ability to Stay Focused (and what to do about them)

Do you have trouble staying focused on your daily tasks? You really aren’t alone. Many people find themselves struggling to keep on task at one point or another during their workday. Being productive for a good chunk of your workday is no easy feat! There are numerous challenges that may be sabotaging your ability to… Continue Reading »