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How To Best Manage Your Ethernet Cables

Things can get tricky when working in an office environment because you are given your own space that’s not really yours. You are always sharing with everyone else, and because of this, you must ensure your area always remain presentable and work-friendly. This means you must have a working knowledge of how to best manage… Continue Reading »

Why Have a Place for Everything in Your Workspace

While you may have heard the expression “a place for everything and everything in its place”, you might not have completely embraced the underlying message. This isn’t only about having a pristine supply closet with all the paper neatly stacked and all the pens sorted by type and stored in appropriately sized containers. Yes, assigning… Continue Reading »

How to Ease Back into Work After Vacation

You’ve just returned from a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation. You’re probably not ready to jump back in and start working at the same pace as before your time away. I know that I want to savor the benefits of having been on vacation. Here’s how to ease back into work after vacation. This is how… Continue Reading »

Tips on How To Go Green With Your Small Business

Staying on top of your office tasks, clientele, and organization can be exhausting. Remembering where all your essential files are and making sure your employees are environmentally responsible can be confusing. Here are some tips on how to go green with your small business. Clear Out Your Space When going green in your office space,… Continue Reading »

How to Organize Office Supplies – Case Study

My client’s plan was to consolidate their 2 locations into one brand new office space. There would be ample space for storing all the office supplies as well as a significantly larger kitchen with tons of cabinets. The focus of this project was on how to organize office supplies so the space would be maximized…. Continue Reading »

Ways To Make Your Office More Visually Interesting

Employees perform better when they feel more comfortable in their work area. Productivity and overall job satisfaction suffer when members feel trapped, isolated, or stressed in an office that only provides sterile work environments. Implementing ways to make your office more visually interesting can eliminate this downtrodden feeling among workers, promoting greater creativity and motivation…. Continue Reading »