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Tips for Maximizing Space at Your Business

For most businesses, staying competitive requires efficient processes that reduce overhead and prevent mistakes. This means that you should use any available space to its fullest potential. Businesses with physical assets must have a plan in place to ensure that they don’t run out of room. These tips for maximizing space at your business will… Continue Reading »

How To Create an Effective Flexible Workspace

Today’s workforce doesn’t want stale and outdated cubicles where they sit all day, rarely having the opportunity to collaborate or speak with their colleagues. While this sentiment gained traction long before the pandemic, COVID-19 truly revealed how important connection, autonomy, collaboration, and mental health are. As the world’s values change, so must the workplace, and… Continue Reading »

The Best Way To Keep Your Art Studio Organized

Keeping your art studio organized allows you to perform at your best. Maximum creativity flows through your space when you can easily access your supplies. If you find it challenging to keep your studio orderly throughout the creative process, it may be time to declutter your area—especially if it’s affecting your art business. Keeping your… Continue Reading »

How Much Workspace is Needed to be Productive? 

You should have a dedicated workspace… this is a must. How much workspace is needed to be productive? The amount of real estate that you have is not really the issue. As with your personal belongings, stuff expands to fill the available space. You probably have noticed this with your clothes closet.  The larger the… Continue Reading »

Office Decluttering Tips

With the beginning of the new year, there is a heightened focus on getting organized. After all, it is good to start the year off with a clutter free, organized space that isn’t filled with lots of piles (aka distractions). When surveying your space, your immediate reaction may be a feeling of overwhelm. As figuring… Continue Reading »

Things You Can Do To Improve Your Leadership Skills

Many people love to focus on the positive aspects that come from being in a leadership position. It’s rare to hear mention of the mental and emotional difficulties that can arise when your position is promoted. Being responsible for the well-being and management of a team can feel stressful, seeing as you want to do… Continue Reading »