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5 Things Clients Love About Virtual Organizing Sessions

I have been scheduling virtual organizing sessions with clients to reorganize their home offices, and filing systems, to do some general decluttering and to address time management challenges. The results have been outstanding as my clients are achieving their goals! For those of you who are unfamiliar with virtual organizing, it is a process for getting organized by using technology (like Zoom) so that the organizer and client can see each other and interact while working on a project.  

My clients have embraced virtual organizing and love….

1. The very focused sessions… Since we are working over Zoom, we need to stay focused on a specific goal like decluttering the home office. This way we can setup the computer in the space at the start of the session and just adjust the positioning as we work our way around the space. By having a very targeted game plan, the results are obvious much faster. This is extremely motivating for my clients as they can see their objective becoming a reality.

2. The accountability…  With 1-3 meetings scheduled each week, my clients are making a commitment to get their space organized. Knowing that I am there to support, guide and encourage them through the process is beneficial for them and their project. This not only helps them complete the between session assignments which keep the project moving forward. It also demonstrates their interest in completing the project as they report their progress during our meetings.

3. The shorter sessions… Our sessions are between 1-1.5 hours long. They are long enough to collaborate on strategies and solutions, to learn organizing principles and develop new skills that become habits. For many, this is an ideal amount of time for them to absorb, engage and learn but not too long where the sessions become overwhelming.

4. The flexibility with scheduling… As our sessions are shorter than an in-person meeting, it is easier to find a convenient block of time for the meeting. In addition, for those who are working full time or have very full days, the sessions can be scheduled at the beginning or end of the day/evening. Also, in times like these where you might not want someone in your space, the work can still get done. 

5. The between sessions assignments…  These assignments provide the ideal opportunity to practice the organizing skills taught during the sessions.  The more these skills are practiced the more quickly new habits can form that become part of my client’s routine and ultimately enable them to maintain their space. In addition, these tasks are specifically selected as they will keep the project moving in a logical sequence.

Want to learn more about virtual organizing sessions? Let’s discuss whether this is a good solution for you and your project. Reach out to this NYC Professional Home Office Organizer today and let’s find out.

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