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A Moving Miracle: NYC Professional Organizer’s 6 Tips to a Stress Free Move

Organized Move

It’s the time of year so many of us are familiar with – moving time. Whether you’re moving your home, office or both (Wow!), our NYC Professional Organizer understands the stress and anxiety surrounding a big move. However, with a little forethought and some tips from our organizing expert, you can be well on your way to a painless move in no time… In fact, by putting our NYC Professional Organizer’s tips to good use, moving day will be so much less stressful.

–          Plan Early – Ideally, you’d have at least three-four months’ time to begin planning for your move. The most important items to consider during this time are:

  • Selecting the right moving company for your needs
    • Ask for an on-site estimate, especially if your move involves especially valuable furnishings or electronic equipment.
  • Set up and maintain a file or binder for your move; collect all relevant documents, meeting notes, receipts, an inventory of items to be moved, etc. in one place

–          Purge – If you don’t use it, don’t move it! Our NYC Professional Organizer is always sharing the benefits of a decluttered home and office, and a simpler move is another one of those benefits.

  • Clear out closets, host your own tag sale, list items online, and donate all you can. No need paying to move things you no longer use or want.
  • Review the contents of your file cabinets, desk drawers and office supply closet discarding all that is no longer needed and archiving documents that need to be kept for legal or financial reasons. Our paper filing tips in this recent article will help you determine what to keep and what you can toss.

–          Arm your Arsenal – Begin ordering and gathering items for your packing needs. Boxes, tape, sharpies, bubble wrap, and specialty shipping containers are all things you should consider ahead of time. You’ll be ready to “wrap and roll” right away!

–          Strategize – Pack those specialty items and non-essentials in advance. Leaving the items used daily until closer to moving day.

–          Label – Apply our proven paper filing tips to your boxes labels; decide on your labeling system and stick with it. Color coded labels work well; assigning a specific color to each room or area in your new home or office. This way, you’re ensured that the movers will place all boxes and furniture in the appropriate space.

–          Change your Address – Notify friends, family, vendors, service providers, etc. of your new address. There are many web-based tools to help you make this process as easy as possible.

Once you nail down these details, your move will be organized and you’ll be able to look forward to settling into your new home or office without the dread a move normally causes. Now that our NYC Professional Organizer has helped you simplify your moving preparations, think about planning your first day in your new space and how you can make it special. After all, the time you’ll save by organizing should be spent doing something you’ll enjoy. Have a happy moving day!

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