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Checking Out a Co-Working Space with a NYC Professional Office Organizer

As the workplace transforms and companies shift from private office spaces to open office concepts, and as employees move from commuting to remote working, the need for co-working spaces has evolved to fit a new need. Co-working workspaces have popped up all over the world and provide their members and community spaces to work both privately and collectively, making it easier for small businesses, freelancers and remote workers to have access to a workspace. This NYC Professional Office Organizer recently experienced working in a co-work space and wanted to share some thoughts for maximizing productivity.

I had gone from having a private office when I worked in the entertainment industry to my own home office when I started my company. Hence, I have always walls that limited the distractions and all the tools that I needed to do my job close by. When my husband and I decided to renovate our apartment, I knew that there would be times when I just couldn’t work from home. This was the perfect opportunity to see first-hand what it would be like working in a co-work space. I knew that an open space without a dedicated work spot would suit my needs but others may need a dedicated space or even a private office.

Since I wasn’t going to need to use the co-work space daily, my only criteria was that it was within walking distance of my apartment. This way I had the flexibility to go back/forth to my apartment as needed during the day. I chose to join Kettlespace and realized as I was packing up my computer that I needed to have a very clear list of tasks to tackle so that I could be sure to have all relevant materials with me. It was easiest to “pack up” the night before as I was reviewing my to-do list for the following day.

As I have periodically worked on tasks while in a local coffee bar, I had a sense of the level of distractions that I would be facing. For the most part, my fellow members of co-work space spoke in low tones while collaborating or getting to know each other. However, there were those times when a member at the other end of the room engaged in a rather loud conversation. Fortunately, I am able to stay very focused when there are people working around me and can ignore the noise and other distractions. I can understand how others are not able to do this… so headphones or being sure to sit in a quiet zone will be essential.

Whether you are working remotely, as a freelancer, or as an entrepreneur with your own business, co-working spaces can provide you the physical space you need to do your work, and also provide you with the community and networking that you need to grow and succeed. For more office organizing tips and hands on strategies for being your productive best in these spaces, reach out to this NYC Professional Office Organizer today!

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