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Music as a Tool for an Organized and Productive Work Day

Staying organized and productive during the work day can often be a challenge because of so many distractions. One solution is to listen to music while you are working. For some people, that may sound like another distraction, but science has shown that listening to certain sounds can indeed increase focus and productivity. By applying… Continue Reading »

Time Management Strategies to Prioritize Tasks at Work

How do you prioritize your tasks each day at work? Are you staring at a big long list of items you need to accomplish and can’t figure out where to start? Or do you not have a list at all and are just trying to remember everything you need to get done? There are many… Continue Reading »

Time Management Products for Increased Productivity

Setting yourself up for success includes surrounding yourself with tools and products to help you achieve your goals. As you work towards improved time management skills and increased productivity, try utilizing one of these tools suggested by your NYC Professional Office Organizer. Timeular. This is a tool designed to help you track and understand how… Continue Reading »

4 Strategies for Beating Procrastination

If it feels like you don’t have enough time to get your work done, getting to the root of the problem is your first step. For many people, they not only feel overwhelmed, they are plagued by procrastination. This is one of the most common problems we face, and it’s relevant in multiple aspects of… Continue Reading »

Try These Time Management Tech Tools

Managing your tasks and implementing time management strategies can be so much easier due to the variety of tech tools and apps that are available. Each is designed for a different purpose, but all have the same ultimate goal of improving productivity. Here’s a list of this NYC Professional Office Organizer’s suggested tech tools for… Continue Reading »

Manage Your Tasks and Save Time in the New Year

If your goal is to improve productivity in your business this year, it starts by learning how to manage your tasks and maximize your time. Learning how to maintain focus, how to prioritize, and implementing time management strategies into your daily work life is imperative to reaching this new year’s goals. Here are the strategies… Continue Reading »