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Chocolate Babka and Organizing Your Home Office

Believe it or not, there are similarities between these 2 projects…. finding the best chocolate babka and organizing your home office. Both involve a series of tasks and dedication to achieving a goal.

First the goal, it has to be a very specific. In terms of the babka, our objective was to identify 6 bakeries in our neighborhood that made chocolate babka and to sample each one within a 3-week period. Organizing your home office at face value is too vague. You could declutter and organize your desk, re-organize your filing system, create an information flow system, or re-vamp your supply storage. Each one of these tasks will take time. For example, your goal could be to clear the clutter on your desk by the end of the week which could be easily done.

Next is scheduling time. With our babka tasting project, we usually bought a whole babka so we had to wait until it was finished (and we got in some exercise!) before purchasing the next one. Hence, we would focus on scheduling the trip to the bakery when there was only a couple of slices left. As your home office organizing tasks will take more time than purchasing and sampling babka, it will be important to block time on your calendar each day. Scheduling the time for the same slot each day will be helpful as will limiting the block to about 30 minutes.

And, then stack the deck in your favor. Ask a friend, family member or colleague to be your accountability partner. In regards to operation babka, one of our friends helped brainstorm to find the bakeries, was part of the tasting panel and provided encouragement so that we honored our commitment to sampling 6 babkas. Organizing projects can be overwhelming so it’s beneficial to have someone in your corner who will check in concerning your daily progress and cheer you on.

Once you’ve completed organizing your home office, celebrate your success….  Maybe with a slice of babka or glass of wine! If you need a tip or two to get started, reach out to me here.

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