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Cluttered Desk, Cluttered Mind – Case Study

Can you relate to my client? She was facing a cluttered desk, cluttered mind situation. As a busy publicist, she was frequently juggling multiple projects from her home office. Fortunately, she had converted the dining room in her apartment to her office so there was ample space. However, this meant that there was that much more space for the clutter to collect.

My client wanted an organized, productive workspace where she much more easily get her work done. So, this was our goal as we systematically tackled each of the areas in the office. We started with her desk and worked our way around the office weeding through the clutter on the desk, shelves and in the file cabinet. We organized those items that were being kept and assigned specific homes for them. In addition, we created processes for better maintaining the space so that she could keep them clutter free. Lastly, we decluttered the white board by creating a permanent grid on it so that each project and task had its own box. This made it easier to identify the next to-do’s at a quick glance.

As we were reviewing her re-organized office, my client shared that my “help was essential”. She would never have been able to sort the clutter on her own. Also, the fact that I was very “focused and non-judgmental” was important especially when it came to weeding through the clutter. With the clutter no longer an issue, her mind was now “clear and focused” so she would be able efficiently take on whatever work needed to be done.

Don’t let a cluttered desk, cluttered mind hijack your focus. Do as my client did and clear the clutter so that you can clearly focus on the tasks that need to get done. If you need a tip to get started, reach out to me now.

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