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Ways To Upgrade Your Home Office for a Large Workload

Your home office is your command center for accomplishing numerous tasks throughout the day. But when you notice your workload increasing, you’ll need to make a few upgrades to handle more work. Read on to determine what upgrades you’ll need for a large workload and create a home office built for the best productivity. Make… Continue Reading »

Tips for Designing a Work-From-Home Office

Remote work is becoming increasingly more common in our post-pandemic world. Even if you didn’t transition to work from home during the pandemic, you might be interested in it now. Whether for convenience, due to a disability, or to look after family members, there are plenty of reasons to work remotely. But to succeed, you’ll… Continue Reading »

Cluttered Desk, Cluttered Mind – Case Study

Can you relate to my client? She was facing a cluttered desk, cluttered mind situation. As a busy publicist, she was frequently juggling multiple projects from her home office. Fortunately, she had converted the dining room in her apartment to her office so there was ample space. However, this meant that there was that much… Continue Reading »

Case Study: Home Office Organizing

Many people like myself worked from home before the pandemic made this a necessity. My client, who is an actor and producer, also worked from home prior to the mandates. He needed home office organizing assistance to create better systems for managing his workspace as well as his paperwork and digital files. This was especially… Continue Reading »

Ditch the Clutter in Your Home Office

It might have been easier to keep your workspace neat and organized when you worked in an outside office, but now that you are working out of your home office, it’s a different story! Often, the home office becomes a breeding ground for all the clutter in your house. It’s a place visitors don’t often… Continue Reading »