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Common Issues When Setting Up Your Office Network

Setting up your office to optimize worker productivity while adhering to space and hardware limitations is a challenging endeavor. Throughout the process, though there are common issues when setting up your office network that you should keep top of mind.

Being aware of these problems can help you avoid them and make laying out your workspace easier than it otherwise would have been.


Your business can always be susceptible to digital attacks or theft of data. Sure, the stolen information could be harmless—but it’s also possible that the stolen data would have sensitive employee or client information.

Regardless of the particular situation, the fact that the data was taken can affect the confidence of your workforce and your customer base. So, make sure you keep your files safe.

Protect Your Files

While it may be easier to network your office wirelessly, consider wired connections when networking important systems and devices.

Connecting through wires is far more secure than wireless connections because an outside party would need a direct link to access your data. This contrasts with a wireless connection, where an external party needs access to your Wi-Fi network.

Inadequate Wiring

While wiring can better protect your files while also giving you faster connection speeds, it comes with problems you must circumvent for maximum efficiency.

Cable Length

Ethernet cables are an essential part of networking, but they also have their own limitations regarding length. Generally, ethernet cables can be up to 328-feet long without suffering any slowdown between connections.

But anything longer than that will cause your speeds to suffer, whether you’re considering download or upload speeds. There are ways to get around this limitation if you need to, but try to avoid this whenever possible.

Faulty Terminations

When you have installed your ethernet cables and made sure that they are less than 328 feet, you may still experience a slowdown between devices. The last consideration you must take into account with physical wiring is that they may have bad terminations.

A termination refers to how the wires are situated at each end of the cable, and having the wires placed in an incorrect manner can lead to a severe slowdown. When troubleshooting issues, make sure that the terminations are correctly done to ensure reliable internet speeds.

Be Ready For Quick Change

These problems with office networking can slow down progress and halt it all together in the worst of circumstances—that is why you need to have these issues addressed as soon as they come up. Waiting for the problems to sort themselves out or trying to fix them yourself can hold back the progress of work.

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