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Creating & Maintaining Resolutions that WILL Work for You with Help From Our NYC Professional Organizer!

New Years ResolutionWe’ve just begun a New Year, and for many that means making New Year’s resolutions. Now, if you’re like 54% of the population, you won’t maintain your resolution past the first six months of the year. If you’d like to be a part of the minority and continue focusing on your goals throughout the entire year, follow our NYC Professional Organizer’s tips for creating and maintaining this year’s resolutions:

–          Review the list of resolutions you’re considering for this year’s focus… Is there one major goal you’d like to set for yourself? Perhaps it’s to lose a considerable amount of weight, or to earn that promotion at work? If your resolution is a significant one, our NYC Professional Organizer recommends that you consider making it the ONLY one for the year, as turning it into a reality will consume much time and energy.  Don’t introduce other resolutions as they may shift your focus and staying focused is essential.

–          Resolution reminders can prove helpful when incorporating new habits into your daily routine. Put pen to paper and write helpful, motivational reminders on sticky notes. Place these notes in key locations in your home, office, and even in your car. These tiny tips will help you maintain focus, stay motivated and keep your eye on the prize.

–          Share your resolution with others. Verbalizing it further solidifies your commitment to making the change. Your friends and family will be supportive of your efforts and structuring regular check-ins with them will create a sense of accountability.  This will further ensure that you are making the time to exercise, prepare healthier food or working on that special project at work.

–          Reward yourself for your successes along the way.  Divide the task into a series of achievable steps and celebrate with your accountability partner as each is goal is met.

–          And our NYC Professional Organizer’s favorite tip – stay organized to remain focused! No matter your resolution, you’ll pave the road to success by staying organized. Whether that means organizing your pantry so you can easily replace ingredients key to making healthier dishes, or keeping the clutter on your desk to a minimum so it won’t distract your attention from that special project that needs to be completed.

We wish you much success with as you tackle your 2014 resolutions. If we can help by providing some customized solutions, which may help you successfully reach your goals for the year, please contact us to schedule a consultation with our NYC Professional Organizer today!

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