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Daylight Savings Time is here again! 7 tips on how to deal with it from Our NYC Professional Organizer

daylight savingsYour NYC Professional Organizer is here to remind you about Daylight Savings Time coming up this Sunday morning! We’ll be springing ahead at 2 am on Sunday morning, so don’t forget to set those clocks (all of them!) ahead one hour…

Now, if you’re one of the masses who have a difficult time dealing with the time change, here are some tips from our NYC Professional Organizer to help you transition into this new time routine:

  • Set your clocks ahead the night before. It’s tough to remember the time change right when you wake up, so start off on the right foot – and at the right time – first thing in the morning.
  • Plan a relaxing evening. Try to ease into bedtime Saturday night with a warm bath, cup of chamomile hot tea, and a good book. This will help you with the next step…
  • Go to bed early! Try going to bed 15-30 minutes earlier than normal on Saturday night so your body will automatically adjust to the earlier wake up time.
  • Mood lighting… Lighting really does play a part with our internal clocks – dark tells us to sleep, light tells us to wake. Dim your lights through the course of Saturday evening, and open up those curtains bright and early Sunday morning!
  • Nap smartly. You may be in need of a Sunday afternoon nap to make up for any lost sleep. Avoid those two hour comas, and stick to a quick 20 minute power nap to revitalize yourself!
  • Exercise is key. Even if you wake up in a bit of a fog Sunday morning, try clearing it with a bit of exercise. Your endorphins will get to work waking you up, and helping you feel great the rest of the day.
  • Enjoy the longer days! Now that you’ve sprung ahead, make the most out of your extra hour of daylight. Take advantage of the longer days by focusing on the life side of work-life balance! Enjoy an evening walk around your neighborhood or simply sit outside and enjoy a glass of wine or a new book. Breathe in the fresh air. Before you know it, we’ll be ready to fall back once again.

Hopefully these tips from our NYC Professional Organizer help to ease your transition into Daylight Savings Time, and keep you energized for the next week. By thinking ahead, and being methodical, you’ll be ready to attack the week with your usual vigor, stepping over all those who’ve succumbed to sleepiness. This NYC Professional Organizer knows she’d like to be one of those energetically springing ahead!

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