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Declutter Your Home Office with the Professional Organizer in NYC


Office Organizing Ideas for the HomeThis is not an April Fool’s joke… spring has arrived! And with it comes the urge to declutter and start fresh. Starting the decluttering process can be a bit overwhelming – where to begin? Take a deep breath, and dive right in! Today we are going to focus on decluttering your home office. This room can become the catch all for your paperwork, office supplies, and more. To be productive in your workspace, you need to take some time to declutter and organize the space so it works for you.

Here are some tips from the Professional Organizer in NYC to declutter your home office.

  1. Put things away. Sounds simple enough, but often times items like office supplies, paperwork, notebooks, etc., end up taking up most of the space in your office and adding to the cluttered feeling. It’s easy to take out a pencil, a stapler, or the insurance file folder, use it, and then leave it on your desk. By taking 10 minutes or less when your work is done to put all of these items where they belong, you’ll free up space immediately!
  2. Give everything a home. This corresponds with the first step above. Every item should have its own space. If it doesn’t, you have two options: find a space for it, or get rid of it. Don’t allow yourself a third option… that pile of items you aren’t quite sure what to do with that just keeps growing. If it’s important to keep, give it a home.
  3. Clear off your desk. Let’s face it, what part of your home office holds most of your clutter? Odds are it’s your desk. Clear away all of the loose papers, paperclips, and pens. Create folders or files for your paperwork, and use drawers or desk organizers for your office supplies.
  4. Tackle that paperwork. Toss what you don’t need, sort what you do need into appropriate files, and shred anything with personal information on it. Don’t save papers to deal with later, that’s how the clutter builds up. Create a system for keeping track of those items you need to take action on rather than have them pile up on your desk.
  5. Conceal your cords. While you’re in the decluttering mode, identify a solution for organizing the tangled mess of cords from your computer, printer, phone, and so much more. Besides collecting dust, they also can be an eyesore and create a feeling of chaos in your office. Consider hiding the cords in a cord protector that will help keep them untangled.

The key to beating clutter is to continue to stay on top of it and consistently schedule time in your calendar to clear your desk and surrounding areas. Your home office is a place for you to work, be productive, and create. Keeping it clutter free means you will be able to do your best work without worry! Take these tips from the Professional Organizer in NYC and keep your home office clutter free.

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