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Is Getting Organized on Your List?

I hope that you are beginning this new year with a feeling of optimism and keeping up with the longstanding tradition of making resolutions. Many people, myself included, identify areas of their lives where they would like to make changes. As an organizing and productivity consultant, I’m always interested in learning which resolutions make the… Continue Reading »

Do Your Routines Pass the Test?

It’s only a few days into the new (and hopefully better) year. So, this is the perfect time to assess your routines. Review them from the perspective of how they’re impacting your productivity and ability to be organized.  Last year our routines had to change to support daily life as work and life were much… Continue Reading »

How to Prepare for a Successful Work Trip

Going on a work trip can be an exciting experience and a sign that you are doing something right at your job. However, business trips are often also quite nerve-wracking—especially if it is your first one. Whether you’re traveling to the next state over to give a presentation or across the country to meet with… Continue Reading »

Professional Organizer in NYC’s Top Time Management Strategies – Part 3

I’ve shared several time management strategies this month, including the Eisenhower Method, and then the Pareto Analysis and Pomodoro Technique. When utilizing one of these strategies and other time management tips in your work day, the key is finding a system that works for you. Today this Professional Organizer in NYC is sharing a popular… Continue Reading »

Ask a Professional Organizer for Time Management Tips

Welcome to the first installment of Ask a Professional Organizer – my new monthly advice blog! Each month I will answer a few questions related to our monthly topic. This month I’m sharing key time management tips as I answer 3 frequently asked questions. Read on! Q: I struggle with getting all of my tasks… Continue Reading »

Professional Organizer in NYC’s Top Time Management Strategies – Part 2

Finding time management tips and strategies that you can apply to your work day is crucial to maximizing your time and productivity. There are numerous strategies and methodologies that you can use based on your specific needs. I’ve shared with you the Eisenhower Method, and today this Professional Organizer in NYC is sharing two different… Continue Reading »