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Design Tips for an Office Break Room

A quality office break room can result in happy employees. Even with the pandemic, there are some companies where a percentage of the staff are back in the office. While staff may or may not be using this space currently, having it set up for when the restrictions are lifted is a good plan. For the modern company, the traditional folding tables and vending machines won’t measure up to employee expectations anymore. Improving the space can even make your workers more efficient. Here are four design tips for an office break room that your employees will love. If your staff isn’t in the office right now, this is an ideal time to upgrade this space in preparation for their return.

Add Appliances

Many contemporary break rooms include elements that one might expect to see in living rooms and kitchens. Televisions, sofas, and refrigerators are becoming more common to help provide a distraction from the workday. Some offices include additional entertainment options like board games, video games, and jukeboxes to entertain employees during their downtime.

Quality Amenities

Many companies and employees are starting to consider break rooms an additional benefit of employment. Stocking the break room with durable amenities can add value for the worker and efficiency for the employer. Use high-quality products like metal flatware and real coffee mugs that employees can reuse instead of disposable options. Offering complimentary coffee and snacks can help keep the energy levels up, increasing office efficiency. Install cabinetry with plenty of under-cabinet lighting to store employee and communal possessions.

Set Expectations

You’ll need to set expectations for proper break room behavior right now taking into consideration the pandemic and for post-pandemic.  Creating a list of rules for everybody to follow will prevent unnecessary office distractions from slowing down production. Some common rules for break rooms include limitations on loud music and cleaning up after oneself. Establishing these rules in the beginning can help to keep the break room in a usable state for much longer.

Seating Options

The last design tip for an office break room is to splurge on quality seating for employees. The goal of the break room should be to make it a place where workers can gather, so you want to make the room as inviting as possible. While metal chairs and wooden benches may have worked in the past, the workers of today expect more comfortable seating options. Recliners, sofas, and even massage chairs are starting to become popular in many circles.

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