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Embrace the Quiet at Work this Time of Year to Implement Office Organizing Ideas


Working with a NYC Professional OrganizerHopefully, you were able to get a day or two off on or around Christmas. And hopefully it was truly restful!

A lot of us wind up back at work between that holiday and the next – New Year’s! – and knowing how to make the most of these days can be a challenge. As your NYC Professional Organizer, it’s my job to help you make the most of such opportunities – so let’s get started!

The first of my office organizing ideas for these next few days is to take stock of who’s in and who’s not. With fewer people around, communication can be harder. Some projects will almost certainly have to wait for the necessary approvals.

But on the bright side: Other projects that require a little bit more focus and uninterrupted time can sometimes be accomplished during this quieter period. Now can be an outstanding time for:

  • Assessing your accomplishments for the past year
  • Generating an action plan for the New Year
  • Cleaning your desk
  • Organizing your computer desktop
  • Catching up on your filing
  • Implementing those office organizing ideas you’ve been eying on Pinterest

The last one is an office organizing tip to carry through the year: Make the most of the quiet times at work. It is amazing how quickly tasks can be completed without the distractions of a regular business day.  If in the normal flow of business there simply isn’t much quiet time, then create some by adjusting your schedule to arrive early or stay a little late at least one day a week in the next year. There’s something empowering about having the office to yourself, or nearly to yourself.

So, as you settle down for a few days’ worth of productive work between the end-of-year holidays, enjoy the quiet, embrace the quiet, and make the most of it, too. And then build this into your routine.

Doing so now is a great way to start the New Year on the best possible foot, to connect with where you work in a new, more peaceful way. After all, work is where we spend more time than anywhere else, and take it from your NYC Professional Organizer: it’s up to us to make that time as positive, as efficient, and as enjoyable as possible.

There is nothing like ending the year at work on a positive note! Finally: Happy New Year from The Organizing Zone!

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