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Fire Hazards To Look Out For in a Commercial Building

You never want to think about a fire happening in your office. But with the proper preparation and maintenance, you can fix any issues before they become severe problems. Knowing the fire hazards to look out for in a commercial building will keep you aware of any troubling warning signs.

Damaged Electrical Equipment

Electrical equipment is a hotbed for any potential fire hazards. Issues such as tattered cords and overheating computers are causes for concern, but the real red flag is faulty wiring. Using a proactive approach with regular inspections will prevent any cataclysmic events from happening.  

Irresponsible Extension Cord Use

Whenever the topic of improper use of extension cords comes up, it’s easy to think of Clark W. Griswold setting up his Christmas lights in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Using extension cords may be convenient but misusing them can be a significant threat. Make sure you choose the right cord by checking the wattage rating, and don’t force the plug into an outlet. Do not connect multiple extension cords, because overloading them might start a fire.

Blocked Aisles & Doorways

If you don’t have anywhere to store things, you might need to stack up boxes and other materials. However, blocking doorways will become a substantial issue if there’s an emergency and you need to leave the building. Always make sure the routes you’ll take if a fire breaks out are clear and easy to evacuate. Every second is valuable in a dire situation.

Nonfunctioning Alarms

It’s easy to forget about testing your fire alarms and smoke detectors on an annual basis, so keep on top of it by scheduling a technician at the same time every year. You can do the same for your smoke alarms by setting a reminder on your phone or computer a year from now. Staying up to date on these two crucial elements ensures you won’t miss anything.

Keeping an eye on the fire hazards to look out for in a commercial building is a necessity for guaranteeing the safety of yourself and your coworkers. If you suspect anything wrong, alert the office managers and get a technician in immediately—you can never be too safe.

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