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Forming Habits as the Result of Virtual Organizing Sessions

Over the past year, I have scheduled virtual organizing sessions with clients. Their projects have been varied and included organizing home offices, general decluttering, setting up a filing system, and creating a process for moving tasks from meeting notes to a to-do list. In most cases, these clients have only worked with an organizing consultant virtually. That is until this week… I have been working with a client to declutter and organize her home office during virtual organizing sessions. In the past, she had worked with an organizing professional onsite to organize this space so she has experienced both methods of getting organized.

Her feedback concerning the effectiveness of working virtually has further reinforced the importance of these meetings. Since they are virtual, my client is doing the work under my guidance. The repetitive nature of the tasks, which is tied to brain activity, along with follow-up communication and other tools used during these sessions work together to support the formation of new habits.

During our virtual organizing sessions, we discussed strategy, collaborated on systems and sorted the contents of various spaces. We started laying the foundation for keeping the space organized by identifying homes for specific items. My client has further fine-tuned storage locations for items as she sorted various piles and containers on her own. As a result, she knows the exact storage location for all items in her office making it easier to clear any piles that start collecting.

My client feels that as a result of the virtual organizing process she will be better able to sustain her space and keep it organized. Being hands on in the decluttering and organizing process has had a significant impact on the success of this project.

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